Recent U.S. college graduates disillusioned, underemployed: poll

NEW YORK (Reuters) – More than 40 percent of recent U.S. college graduates are underemployed or need more training to get on a career track, a poll released on Tuesday showed. The online survey of 1,050 workers who finished school in the past two years and 1,010 who will receive their degree in 2013 also found that […]

7 Tips College Students Need to Make a Promising Business Plan

By Miriam Salpeter | U.S.News & World Report LP As the economy shifts and employers hire temporary workers instead of filling full-time positions, college grads can’t count on landing traditional opportunities. A study from Millennial Branding and PayScale shows that Generation Y is underemployed; more than 63 percent of Gen-Y workers with a bachelor’s degree are in retail […]

Online education?

Why online education is mostly a fantasy

Why online education is mostly a fantasy If you listen to the advocates of online learning, MOOCs and Internet-based courses will cure all of our education problems. Just hand out some Android tablets, stream some courses in Python, and sit back and watch as everyone magically becomes a highly productive knowledge worker propelling the […]

Socialmedia and jobs

How to find a graduate job using social media

How to find a graduate job using social media Hussein offers his tips on how to make the most of LinkedIn and Facebook as a student. For most students, using social media and applying for graduate jobs are entirely separate activities. After all, status updates about your “excellent communication skills” and A* in English […]

Chatolic Education

Roman Catholic Church ‘to take over secular schools’

The Roman Catholic Church is set to take over struggling secular schools under Government plans designed to raise standards in the state education system, it has emerged. By Graeme Paton, Education Editor 4:24PM BST 26 Apr 2013 Successful Catholic schools could be enlisted to act as “sponsors” to help run community primaries and secondaries in difficult […]

US billionaire to give US$300m to fund scholarships

Stephen Schwarzman, founder of investment firm Blackstone Group LP, is launching a US$300 million scholarship programme to send students from the US and other countries to study at China’s Tsinghua University, writes Samantha Stainburn forGlobal Post. The programme is modelled on the Rhodes Scholarships, which provide high-achieving foreign students with a year of study at […]

Education and tutorial

Conservatism, red tape thwart international education

Conservatism, red tape thwart international education Suvendrini Kakuchi It is bitterly ironic – Japan has the third largest economy in the world and is a leading exporter, but fails badly when it comes to international education.“Japanese university education needs to be urgently vitalised to survive against stiff global competition,” said Dr Akito Okada, who teaches […]

London Education

London schools set to feel strain of population growth

London schools set to feel strain of population growth The capital will need 118,000 extra state-funded primary and secondary places within three years, according to research London’s pupil numbers are forecast to grow at a faster rate than elsewhere in the UK. Photograph: Tim Ireland/PA Archive/Press Association Schools in London will come under increasing strain because of the […]